OBAMA mugs

Handmade Obama face-mugs, made in Asheville, NC.

$35 + shipping

Skin color varies.

3 different quotations:

Yes we can

Be the change

I inhaled frequently, that was the point.

Email if you're interested: alexirvine@verizon.net


Unknown said...

i would like to purchase an obama mug..
Pls give me the information i need to place an order.
Thanks Leonard Davis

Please contact me re: ordering one of these Mugs.
Thank you

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase an Obama Face Mug. Please give me the proper information for ordering a mug.
thanks, Lenny312@aol.com

Teea said...

I am interested in one of these mugs! My email is Teea.gergely@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam. I admire your work; your Daydreamer mural is beautiful! What a talent you have. I am interested in purchasing a few Obama mugs. Please email me jendroberts@hotmail.com