Hall Fletcher Elementary School Mural

Check out these videos by Bobby Bradley of Asheville's Citizen Times.
This first one is about the dedication of the Hall Fletcher mural:

Here's another video by Bobby Bradley. 
It's part of a series on Asheville mural artists:

Check out the slideshow on the mural Ian Wilkinson and I recently finished

Detail of right hand side of entrance

Ladies and Gentlemen...  SUPER T!!!
 on the front page of Asheville's Citizen Times

My very sincere gratitude to the volunteers who made this possible to finish in time and a beautiful example of community effort. Around 200 people laid hands on the creation of this mural. 

And a huge thank you to the businesses that generously donated materials for this project: ProSpec, Asheville Wholesale Mirror and Glass, A Touch of Glass, WNC Ceramic Tile, Inc., Highwater Clays, Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts

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