My backyard ramp

Align Centerlonely beginnings..

32 sheets = $400

still framing by myself

Help sweet help. Finally.
There is one piece of plywood that I bought for the framing.
Everything else in this photo was salvaged. About 80 studs.
A third of them solid oak rough cut barn wood.

Rachel, ramp godess

11 foot stretch of concrete cast in place.
Opted for the 2 and a half inch PVC.
Rare stuff: $27 a 20 ft. piece.

60 somethin' bricks, cast red and black in home-made molds.
The most labor-intensive coping ever. so worth it.

Our humble abode

almost done!!

Free mulch!!


Rachel, Bandit, and Mimieux with a broken arm

Saturday night sesh

I love my backyard.

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